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Choose between a sumptuous English breakfast, or a traditional Israeli breakfast, or have both!
Breakfast is served in the air-conditioned dining room or by the pool, weather permitting.

Umhlanga Kosher Accommodation can offer you a Kosher A La Carte menu.

For those who are Shomer Shabbos and opt for the Kosher self catering chalets, the UKA has ready made freshly frozen kosher meals to help lighten the day and your stay.

There is also sufficient freezer space in the main house, so feel free to bring along your own Kosher frozen foods.

There are ready made Shabbos foods available to purchase as well, including Challah and your favourite fish balls, grilled chickens and assorted kugels.

Wine is available as well.

Speak with Fayga and book a Kosher Shabbos or Yom Tov meal at the Chabad House and enjoy a typical Chabad atmosphere with Chassidic melodies and enchanting stories shared by the shliach of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

For any of your Kosher catering requirements please ensure early and timeous bookings.

After a busy day sight seeing, sun tanning on the beach, or a day at the office, you can relax around the sparkling pool enjoying the balmy, tropical weather of the north coast.
In the evening barbecue (braai) under the stars, or dine in the main guest house dining room.